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Fleet IoT Command

The T5 Fleet IoT Command (FIC) is the dashboard interface backbone for information interpretation, storage, access and visualization. It features a high level of encryption and security to drive T5 products while remaining user friendly and accessible. It offers several interfaces such as the web portal, API data service and  mobile app for iOS and Android.

The FIC cloud based structure enables access on-the-go while providing the required tools such as reporting, account & user management, device history, and much more.

The T5 API data service enables the users to import their data real time using multiple formats.

The FIC features:

  • Near Real Time Data and Status

  • Secure and Redundant Database

  • Customizable Reporting

  • Worldwide Access

  • Online Statistics

  • Advanced Motion Analysis

  • Real Time Alerts

  • Encrypted Messages

  • Custom Geozones

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