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About Us

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T5 tek Inc., a US company based in Southern California has over 10 years of experience as an asset tracking service provider. The T5 tek Patent-Pending eCAT – Concealed Asset Tracker delivers the breakthrough technological form-fit-function required to solve the Chassis Management multi-faceted problem addressing:  Location, Motion, Heading, Power, Data Capture and Wireless Data Communication challenges. 


The eCAT breakthrough applies as well to Trailer, Prime Mover (e.g. Hostler, DOT Tractors) and many other Heavy, Medium, Light-Duty On & Off-Road vehicles. As the “Smart Chassis” Cornerstone, the eCAT™ delivers its sophisticated chassis tracking, monitoring and management capabilities covertly in the form of a replacement LED tail light.


The eCAT preserves the tail light functions while serving as an IoT gateway through which chassis subsystem health data is communicated along with mist®-enabled RSAE Labs family and the mist®-enabled T5 tek eLokk™ Container and Trailer electronic bolt seal. The eLokk™ monitors and reports the state of the door detecting open, closed or whether it is being tampered with. Both the eLokk™ and eCAT™ combine the latest cellular and GNSS/GPS location technologies with mist® for secure inter-communications and integration with wireless sensors, handhelds and item-level tracking devices.

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