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Intelligent Locking System


The future of container & trailer security is here. Traditional systems leave you exposed to theft and tampering. Our product reimagines freight security, ensuring secure containers & trailers while providing intelligent geotelematic metrics and real time data on usage and status. With the Intelligent Locking System (ILS), you have total control over the security of your containers and trailers.


A complete solution, the ILS is made up of several components that work seamlessly together. Using your dashboard on Fleet IoT Command, which is accessible on any smart device, you can identify if your containers and trailers are secured properly according to your requirements. You will be able to identify theft or improper handling while your goods are in transit or in storage. From departure to arrival, you can have the sense of security that your goods are being monitored 24/7.


For more information please contact T5 tek

​Typical Use Cases

  • Road & Rail Cargo Transportation

  • Inbound Container traffic through ports

  • Border crossings - Inspection/Scanning Stations

  • Customs - Cargo transit across international boarders

  • Hazardous waste dumping control

  • Medical waste disposal control

  • Construction equipment & storage

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