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A Lock for Trailer Doors

DL-100 Series

Ultra-Rugged Design

The Dura Lock is built from an Aluminum block. A

solid 7075 aluminum pin secures the handle in place.

The pin cannot be cut with a bolt cutter.

High Security Cylinder

The DuraLock uses a high security cylinder with

millions of unique key combinations. Keys are

extremely difficult to duplicate. Each key has a

unique 6-digit serial number that matches the serial

number on the face of the cylinder.

Universal Mounting

The DuraLock employs an ingenious mechanism that

allows it to replace all hasp sizes. A floating socket

can be adjusted to accommodate the mounting hole

spacing of the trailer door from 3.75" to 4.75".

Tamper Resistant

When the DuraLock is locked, the tip of the pin is below the surface and cannot be pried open.

Versatile Keying

Cylinders have built-in dust covers and are available with unique individual keys and keys that are keyed the same. Master keys are available upon request.

DuraLock (1).png

The DuraLock DL-100 series is designed to lock trailer

doors offering excellent protection against theft. It is

bolted to the door without drilling new holes. Simply

undo the 2 nuts holding the door hasp and install the

DuraLock using the same holes. When engaged, the

DuraLock strong pin secures the handle in place. It

unlocks with a key. Designed to meet extreme

weather conditions.

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