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Smartlock for Trailer Swing Doors

Bluetooth 5.2 & NFC Enabled

Cellular Connectivity

The SLS-200 communicates with the cloud through

a gateway installed on the trailer.

Bluetooth® 5.2 Connectivity

Bluetooth is used to communicate with the gateway

and with an App through advertisement and

connection profiles.

Secure Motorized Lock

A secure mechanism unlocks the lock from the cloud

or from an App. The pin is released but stays captive.

The driver is not required to carry a padlock or a key,

only an App on a smart phone.

The SLS-200 is an intelligent Locking system

designed to protect trailers from Theft. It locks the

trailer door, detects if it is locked/unlocked, if the

handle is in place, and communicates in real-time

through a gateway with the clouds. The SLS-200 is

battery-operated and can be unlocked from the cloud

or from an App using Bluetooth® or NFC®. Designed

to meet extreme weather conditions.

SmartLock BLE V1.3.1002.png

NFC Unlocking

The SLS-200 can be unlocked from an App through


Ultra-Rugged Design

The shell and the pin are rugged 7075 Aluminum.

The electronic and antenna enclosure is plastic and

protected from impact by the Aluminum shell.

Adaptative Power Management

Efficient Power Management through advanced

algorithms controlling the power source of each

electronic section minimizing power consumption.

Extreme Battery Life

The LTC battery supports extreme temperature

operating conditions from -40 to 85°C making it

ideal for the shipping and transportation industry.

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