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Mechanical & Electronic Protection

The eLokk provides online notifications and internal logging when:

  • Lock is opened or closed

  • Pin is cut

  • Enclosure is opened

  • Excessive impacts

  • Excessive tilts

  • Over speeding

  • Battery temperature

  • Profile update

The status of the device can be retrieved:

  • Directly from the device: Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Online through the Fleet IoT Command (FIC)

  • Bluetooth enabled smart devices running the FIC app

Each year, $12.5 trillion of merchandise is traded worldwide, using more than 200 million containers. Shipping companies use traditional methods such as tie wraps, locks and disposable bolts to secure their assets. These methods are easily defeated leaving them with heavy losses.

The eLokk is an industry leading standalone intellident GPS tracking solution with a physical lock designed to ensure the integrity of your assets. The eLokk prevents door intrusion into the container or trailer and detects motion, tilting, impact and tampering.


These infractions along with time, location, speed and other factors are transmitted over the air via encrypted messages through the cellular network and is IoT ready.

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